About Us

My daughter and my first Aby
1982 – My daughter Teresa and our first breeding queen, Selkits Eclipse

I have been breeding award winning Abyssinians since 1983.

My story started in 1982. I wanted a margay but soon found out that they would not be a good house pet. So I started looking for a beautiful wild looking kitty that would make a good house pet, lots of research later the Abyssinian was my choice.

I had to take a break when we bought a business that required I had to be there 7 days a week. When we retired 3 years ago we started back up with established lines and lots of help from friends and family.

I don’t just raise to sell, I love showing them as well. All babies and mamas are raised with love. I am registered with CFA and TICA.

All my kings and queens are genetically screened for PKD, PRA, cardiomyopathy and auto-immune disorders. They have all vaccines updated and health checks from my vet, and written contracts on health.

I’m a very small breeder with babies raised underfoot with lots of TLC so don’t have kittens all the time.

I am always available for questions and stay in contact with the people that adopt my babies.

– Sue Sims of GrapeArbor Abys

Sue's family